Security, Threats, and Adversaries of Information Security Attacks

We apply security through various security controls like:

  • VPNs
  • Encryption
  • Patching
  • Open PGP, to name a few

Security is the degree to which our assets are resistant to threats from adversaries. We select security controls based on the type of threats and adversaries. Threats like:
  • Malware Attacks
  • Disrupting business continuity
  • Mass Surveillance
  • Stealing information and manipulating data
  • Causing financial loss to the target.
  • Exploiting religious or political beliefs. 
  • Taking Revenge
  • Weakening of Encryption or Demanding Ransom
  • Damaging Reputation

These threats are enabled by adversaries who try various tools and attack techniques to exploit vulnerabilities in a computer system in order to fulfil their motives. The threat of an attack on the system is motivated by the idea that the target system stores or processes something important. Therefore,
Risk or Attack = (Vulnerability) x (Threats or Motives) x (Consequences)
We hope this helps. If any suggestions or doubts you can add a comment and we will reply as soon as possible.

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