Hide Files behind Audio or Image File (S-Tools)

The steganography tools (S-Tools) software is another program that allows files to be hidden within other audio and image files. The base file must be either a WAV audio file or BMP/GIF image file. Other file types can be hidden within the base image. This software is a drag-and-drop type program and is easy to use just follow the steps.

Hide File

  • Download S-Tools from here

  • Extract the zip file and Double-Click S-Tools
  • You will see this kind of window, make sure the Actions window is minimized.
  • Drag and drop the Audio File (.wav) or Image File (BMP/GIF). In this case, the name of the file is cartoon001.wav (It is a sample wav file that can be downloaded).
NOTE - This file is not your secret file. Your secret file will be hidden inside this file. So, choose the file accordingly.
  • Now drag and drop the file you want to hide, inside the previous file window. You will see a window pop-up asking about the password and type of Encryption Algorithm
  • Type the Passphrase (in simple words kind of password) you want and select one of the Encryption algorithms. Click on OK.
  • You will see a new window named hidden data. That is your Audio or Image file hidden with the secret file.
  • Right-Click on the hidden data window and click on Save. 
NOTE - A new window will POP-UP, just choose the destination and click on Save or OK. Don't change the file type or name for now. After saving the file, go to the destination Right Click and then rename the file according to your need.

Reveal Hidden File

  • Open the S-tools and drag and drop the hidden file.
  • Right-Click inside the hidden file windows and click on Reveal... 
  • Type the same Passphrase and Encryption algorithm. Click on OK.
  • You will see a new window with the file which was hidden.
  • Right-Click and click on Save as... 
  • Select Destination and Save the File.
NOTE -The name of the File with the extension should match otherwise you won't be able to open the File.

Video Tutorial

We hope this helps. If any suggestions or doubts you can add a comment and we will reply as soon as possible.

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