The CyberWiki Story

OUR MOTTO IS SIMPLE: Be resourceful, Be understandable. 

We began our journey in 2014 when Abhishek launched a tips and tricks content website with his two friends. Soon because of their studies, they stopped creating content. Later with his interest in cybersecurity, he started a cybersecurity content blog Hack Hunt along with another friend in 2019. With the growth, he incorporated Hack Hunt as a cybersecurity company and transferred the content to the

With the incorporation, his focus shifted from the blog to providing services. Soon he recognised the downrate of the blog. Therefore, set up an independent brand Cyber Wiki - Encyclopedia of Cybersecurity with a mission to be the world’s information resource for cybersecurity learners for free.


We take a stand. Not everyone will agree with us – and that’s ok. We believe the need for information crosses all borders, and it should be free. Before we create any content, we do a lot of research and read a lot of resources to pinpoint the particulars and make sure to write it in an easily understandable way. 

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