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Check the file integrity by creating the PGP signature of the file. PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy. It is an encryption program that provides cryptographic privacy and authentication for data communication. PGP is used for signing, encrypting, and decrypting texts, e-mails, etc. The GNU Privacy Guard is an open-source tool that makes use of PGP for signing the file. Once received by the user it can be used to check the signature of the file. If the signature changes then that means the file that you received has been altered. Or can be used to send encrypted messages.

Download the Gpg4win. Once you go to the site it will ask you for money just select the amount you want to donate and download the file. It is an easy installation. Now to Generate keys and encrypt the message follow the below instructions.

  • Open Kleopatra. Go to the File option and click on New Key Pair. Choose the option Create a personal OpenPGP key pair.
Create New Key Pair
  • Enter your name and email. These are optional but will help you identify the key if you have more than one. Check the option Protect the generated key with a passphrase (this of it as two-factor authentication)
Enter Details
  • Click on Advanced Settings... a pop-up will appear. Under “Key Material” select RSA and change the bits to 4096 and click OK. Then click Create and enter a password when asked.
Advance Settings Options
  • This process may take a few minutes. You can Make a Backup of your key but make sure you hide it somewhere as it is your private/secret key. Once done, click on Finish. You will see your key in the dashboard.
Generated Key Pair
  • You can also backup by right-clicking on the key file and hitting export. Save the file and to open it just right-click and open it with a text editor. If you want your private key, just click on the backup secret key.


Now suppose, we need to encrypt the text “hello”. 
  • Just copy the message and in your taskbar setting right-click on the Kleopatra icon. 
TaskBar Option
  • Go to Clipboard and select Encrypt
Go to Clipboard
  • Click on Add recipient, select the public key of the person you want to send a text too and click Ok. It will encrypt the message and copy it to the clipboard which you can paste into a file and send to that person. To send a message all you need is that person's public key.


To decrypt the message that person needs to copy the message. Go to Clipboard and click on Decrypt/Verify. If the private key is password-protected, the system will ask for the password or else decrypt the message and copy it to the clipboard. Paste it in Text Editor.


  • Enter the command sudo apt-get install gnupg2 gpa in the terminal.
  • After installing run the command gpg –full-generate-key. Enter 1 then enter 4096 then 0, if you want your key not to expire. Then enter the name and email enter passphrase.
  • Run the command sudo gpa, and you will get a GUI using which we can import keys and use them to encrypt/decrypt messages same as for windows.

We hope this helps. If any suggestions or doubts you can add a comment and we will reply as soon as possible.

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