iOS Jailbreaking - Introduction

Jailbreaking is a privilege escalation exploit used to bypass the manufacturer's software constraints. It is usually accomplished by a series of kernel changes.

Jailbreaking is the process of installing a customized set of kernel patches that allows users to execute non-OS vendor-signed third-party software. It is the technique of circumventing Apple's user restrictions, such as altering the operating system, gaining admin access, and using "side loading" to install unofficially allowed software. 

Simply altering the iOS system kernels will allow you to jailbreak your device. One motive for jailbreaking iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is to unlock features that Apple and the App Store have blocked.
Jailbreaking gives you root access to your operating system and allows you to install third-party apps, themes, and extensions that aren't accessible on the official Apple App Store.

Sandbox constraints are also removed by jailbreaking, allowing harmful apps to access limited mobile resources and information.

Jailbreaking, like rooting, also has plenty of safety and other concerns for your device, including:
  • Poor Performance
  • Malware Infection
  • Bricking off the device
  • Voiding the phone's warranty

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