Browser Fingerprinting - Testing Browsers

We can test our browser using the following websites:
        On this website, we can check different types of information revealed by our browsers.
        This website consists of a Geek Details section which includes the following information revealed:
    • Detected information
    • System information
    • Screen information
    • Plugin’s information
    • Mime-Types information
    • HTTP Request Headers
Geek Details on
        On this website, we can check information about updated fingerprinting techniques, including
        WebGL and canvas. We can check for our browser fingerprint on this website.

Website of amiunique
        Cover Your Tracks is an upgraded version of a project on which the EFF has been working for a
        long time. It provides an excellent indication of how vulnerable your browser is to fingerprints.

Cover your tracks website

These were a few websites we could visit and test our browsers.

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