Browser Fingerprinting - Working

Nowadays websites utilize scripts that run in the background of your browser due to which browser fingerprinting is possible. APIs are built-in software functionalities in today's web browsers that may be utilized by website scripts to acquire data. Scripts are often created for legitimate objectives such as producing films or images. If we ban them, most websites will not function correctly. To undertake cross-site tracking, many website owners and ad networks exchange browser fingerprinting capability. That means they track you around the web and collect personal information about you.

There are four major techniques used in browser fingerprinting:
  • Canvas fingerprinting forces your browser to draw a picture or text using the HTML5 canvas element. You won't see this because it happens discreetly in the background. However, the way your browser produces the image/text tells you a lot about your font style, graphics card, drivers, web browser, and operating system. One of the most extensively utilized digital fingerprinting techniques is canvas fingerprinting
  • WebGL fingerprinting is quite similar to Canvas fingerprinting. As they both use images of the screen. Here, users are then differentiated based on their graphics drivers and device hardware using these pictures.
  • Device fingerprinting works on a user's laptop or PC, this approach discloses a list of all connected media devices and their corresponding IDs. All internal media components, such as video and audio cards, as well as all connected or linked devices, such as headphones, are included.
  • Audio fingerprinting examines how your device plays sound rather than requiring your browser to produce a picture. The generated sound waves provide information on your device's audio stack, including driver, sound hardware, and software specs.
That's how browser fingerprinting can be done on a browser.

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