Browser Fingerprinting - Prevention

These are a few techniques we can use to prevent browser fingerprinting.
  • Extensions and add-ons to minimize fingerprinting
        There are a variety of browser add-ons and extensions that you could find handy.
  • Third-party extensions should be avoided if there is a possibility that they might compromise your privacy and security.
  • Be aware that utilizing extensions may increase the uniqueness of your browser fingerprint (many factors).
    • TraceProtects against various fingerprinting
    • ChameleonThis allows you to spoof user agent value

  • Using Tor Browser
        Another alternative is to use the Tor browser, which is essentially a more secure version of Firefox.
        It comes with several privacy and security features that aren't included in the normal version:
    • HTTPS Everywhere
    • No Script
    • Anti-tracking features
    • Canvas image extraction blocked
    • WebGL blocked
    • Operating system cloaking (shows as Windows 7 for all users)
    • Time zone and language preferences blocked
  • Using VPN service - Although a VPN by itself will not prevent you from browser fingerprinting, it is an essential privacy tool for hiding your IP address, and location, and keeping your data safe. Your internet provider may simply track all of your online activities by logging your DNS requests if you don't use a reliable VPN.

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