Hide files behind an Image File (Without Using Software)

Hiding secret data within an ordinary, non-secret, file, or message in order to avoid detection; the secret data is then extracted at its destination is called Steganography. The use of steganography can be combined with encryption as an extra step for hiding or protecting data but here we will not encrypt the data (if want to send data with encryption, check the link below this post). We will hide the data just using CMD. So not wasting much time let's see how it's done.


  • Select one image file to hide the data behind it and copy both files to the desktop for easy process. In my example,
    • Image File - HH_Gold 
    • Secret Data - Description.txt
NOTE - It can be any image file, just try with one you have with you and see if it is working or not. We tried this with two common image file types (JPG and PNG) and it is working for both. Do not put spaces in your files, it must be on the long name with no spaces.
  •  Create a RAR/ZIP of your secret file (if you have WinRAR then just right-click and click on Add to RAR).
  • Now check and remember the format for your image file by right-clicking and clicking on Properties. In my case, it is .png

How to Hide

  • Open Command Prompt. (Press windows key + R and type cmd)
  • Now redirect the location by typing cd Desktop.
  • Type the following command to make a hidden file.
    • Syntax - Copy /b imagename.jpg + filename.rar finalimage.jpg 
    • In my case, it is Copy /b HH_Gold.png + Description.rar HiddenData.png
NOTE - The format of the Final image file will be the same as the base image file. 
  • After typing the command press Enter, and you will see a message.
  • A new file will be created on your desktop, that is your Image File with the file hidden behind and Done!

How to un-hide

  • Open WinRAR and press Ctrl + O.
  • A new window will pop up, re-direct to the location you have the file and
    • Firstly, make it All Files so that you can see your Image File.
    • Now when the file is visible, select the file and click on Open.

  • You will see the hidden files in WinRar. Now you can extract your data.
Tips - While creating a RAR, you can add extra security by adding a password to open RAR as well.

Video Tutorial

We hope this helps. If any suggestions or doubts you can add a comment and we will reply as soon as possible.

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