TOR Browser - Weaknesses

As we know a coin has two sides same like that Tor has its own set of strengths as it is complex in nature due to its better isolation and purging of browser data. But it also has its set of weaknesses.

Tor, just like everything in life, has limits. It cannot stop the traffic from being confirmed. Eavesdropping is one of the most prevalent vulnerabilities. Tor has a low speed and latency and also blocks some websites. Since data need to be routed through many servers, browsing can be painfully slow, as all your digital footprints need to be covered,

Exit Node Eavesdropping:

If the person on the other end just watches the exit nodes, where the data exits, the user's usernames, passwords, and Bitcoin information can be captured if they are not cautious. Because end-to-end encryption was never implemented, Tor is unable to encrypt all traffic leaving the exit node. This sort of eavesdropping does not compromise Tor's anonymity, but it does make it simpler for others who are observing to gather information from exit nodes and use it to figure out where the user is.

Traffic Analysis:

Marketers can see what's going on in the Tor network by looking at exit nodes. They choose which ones to monitor and use the information to target their marketing accordingly. It is not a malicious attack, and its sole purpose is to persuade the visitor to spend some money on their website. The traffic analysis may also show the user's location and offer basic information such as name, email, and phone number.

Bad Apple Attack:

This is accomplished by utilizing BitTorrent while connected to the Tor network. By utilizing Tor, a user's IP address might be exposed over BitTorrent. The severity of the attack is determined by the control of the exit node. On rare occasions, a secondary assault may be used to fully exploit the person, their IP address, or their location.

There are methods for Tor to be hacked, although the danger is negligible as long as we take precautions.
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