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TryHackMe is a free online platform for learning cyber security, using hands-on exercises and labs, all through your browser!

Here you find Walkthroughs of rooms from TryHackMe with a bit of description of what that room is about. You can use Ctrl + F option to search for a specific room. 

Name Description
  • File Upload Vulnerability
  • Privilege Escalation via systemctl
  • Samba Share Enumeration
  • ProFTPd Exploit
  • Privilege Escalation with Path Variable Manipulation
  • Eternal Blue (ms17-010)
  • Use of msfconsole
Basic Pentesting
  • enum4linux
  • SSH Password Cracking via Hydra
  • linPEAS
  • Cracking SSH Private Key via JohnTheRipper
Classic Passwd
  • Reverse Engineering using ltrace
  • Source Code Reading
  • Python Library Manipulation
Regular Expressions
  • Basics of RE
Crack the hash
  • Crack Station
  • Hash Analyzer
  • HashCat
  • JohnTheRipper
  • AJP Exploit (CVE-2020-1938)
  • GPG Cracking via JohnTheRipper
  • Source Code Reading
  • Virtual Host Routing
  • Subdomains Finder via WFUZZ
  • LFI
  • linPEAS
  • CronJobs
Mr. Robot CTF
  • GoBuster Scan
  • Web Login Dictionary Attack via BurpSuite
  • PHP Reverse Shell
  • SUID via Nmap
  • exiftool
Simple CTF
  • CMS Made Simple (CVE-2019-9053)
  • SQLi
Pickle Rick
  • Source Code Read
  • Command Injection Vulnerability
CTF collection Vol.1 ---
  • FTP Anonymous Login
  • SSH Password Cracking via JohnTheRipper
  • SSH Port Forwarding
  • WordPress Plugins Enumeration
  • WordPress File Manager RCE
Bounty Hacker
  • FTP Anonymous Login
  • SSH Password Cracking via Hydra
  • Privilege Escalation via tar
Metasploit ---
Lazy Admin
  • Recursive Directory Enumeration
  • MySQL Backup File Enumeration
  • Sweet Rice XSS Exploit
  • Privilege Escalation via adding bash to a file
  • Source Code Reading
  • Broken Authentication Exploit via BurpSuite
  • SSH Private Key Cracking via JohnTheRipper
  • Privilege Escalation via CronJobs
  • Working with Host File
  • Samba Enumeration
  • FTP Anonymous Login
  • File Content Manipulation (CronJobs)
VulnNet: Node
  • NodeJS Express Framework Exploit via Cookies
  • File Content Manipulation
  • FTP Anonymous Login
  • GPG Password Cracking via JohnTheRipper
  • Password Cracking via HashCat
  • Tomcat Error Page
  • WAR File Exploit
  • Fuel CMS RCE (CVE-2018-16763)
  • Default Credentials
  • FTP Anonymous Login
  • Wireshark (Follow TCP Stream)
Brooklyn Nine Nine
  • FTP Anonymous Login
  • SSH Password Cracking via Hydra
  • Privilege Escalation via less
  • Basic of Hydra
  • Crack Post Web Form
  • Crack SSH
Chocolate Factory
  • FTP Anonymous Login
  • Command Injection Vulnerability
  • Reverse Engineering
  • SUIDs

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