Privacy v/s Anonymity

Anonymity and Privacy are not the same things but often they are confused with each other. Having privacy does not mean you have anonymity too and vice versa. 


  • Google defines privacy as a state in which one is not observed or disturbed by other people or the state of being free from public attention.
  • It is about the content (messages, data, etc.).
  • It is about maintaining the confidentiality and keeping secrets.
  • Encrypted data means you have privacy.
  • For example, people around you do not know what you do at home but know you are at home.


  • Wikipedia defines anonymity as situations where the acting person's identity is unknown.
  • Means non-attribution to your actions. 
  • To be nameless or faceless.
  • For example, you connect to the internet using TOR and post something. Your identity is anonymous but everyone can read what you post. Thus, the message is not private.
  • Pseudo Anonymity is when a person with a fake identity is followed by others. Like Marshmellow (the singer) or Satoshi Nakamoto (the person who developed BitCoin)

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