Online Antivirus: No Share Policy

Online Antivirus can also be used as a Second Opinion Antivirus. But what does No Result Share mean? Hmm... When we upload the file to get a second opinion, the website shares the results of the file with all the company's databases. 
When a hacker creates malware to hack a system, (s)he needs to be sure. If malware is detected, then all hard work will be in vain. Making a malware FUD (Fully undetectable) is an important task. So, after creating the malware, how the hacker will be sure that the malware is FUD?

We cannot test the malware with every antivirus company separately. Therefore, to overcome this issue we have websites like VirusTotal, which checks the file with over 70 different databases. Problem Solved? No.

Obviously, the hacker needs to test the malware again to again after every change made in the malware to make it foolproof. Furthermore, even if in one step the malware is detected hacker needs to start fresh. Because as said earlier, online antivirus distributes/shares signatures with all the companies.

To overcome this issue, the community has built online antivirus like VirusTotal but with one major difference. The result will not be shared with the companies.

The four well-known websites that do not share the results are:

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