Next Generation of Antivirus

Anti-viruses have a lot of weaknesses, yet we will find that most organizations and individuals continue to buy and use the 'traditional' signature-based antivirus. This traditional way is fundamentally broken, and the best part is security companies are fully aware of this fact. It is in the process as you read of replacing this traditional anti-virus and signature-based approach. 

The issue with traditional antivirus tools is they must be updated when the user wants to scan for new malware or viruses. Updating is time-consuming, and new development often takes a certain amount of time. 

Therefore, It is being replaced by some of the more advanced features. We have mentioned them under the What is Antivirus blog post. Importantly we have new companies with potentially better methods that will overtake the antivirus or endpoint protection market.

To name a few of these kinds of companies,
  • Cylance Smart Antivirus
  • Bromium  
  • SentinelOne
  • CrowdStrike
and companies like Kaspersky, ESET, etc are also working on the same.

These companies are using new approaches and techniques such as,
  • Machine Learning
  • Exploit Prevention
  • Containment
  • Behavioural Analysis
  • Decoys
  • Honeypots
  • Hardening
  • Algorithms

with the focus to detect and prevent threats without prior knowledge of them. These approaches are more likely to merge with existing methods and will become the new normal. 

Anti-viruses are not dead, they are evolving into a different species and we are right now in the middle of serious changes. The next generation of AV will be able to prevent the majority of malware. Well, that is the hope anyway.

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