Types of Online Antivirus

Online Antivirus can also be used as a Second Opinion Antivirus. Everyone generally misinterprets Online Antivirus. Online Antivirus are of two types, 


There are websites available where you can upload a file and check if the file is malware or not. These websites do not repair or fix the issue. Websites like this scan the file and then check the signature of the file with their database and some even check the database with over 70 different antivirus company and gives you results according to each company's database. These websites share the results of the file with the community if they detect any virus or malware to update their database and make the world a bit more secure. 


These Antivirus websites are also known as Cloud-Based Antivirus (to know more about cloud antivirus check the link at the bottom of the page called What is Antivirus). For this antivirus to work you need to install a tool that will connect and give access to your system's files. In other words, the tool will scan the system and send the result to the company and they will check the signatures online. So, we do not need to download the whole antivirus and also do not need to update the database. The best part of this kind of antivirus is it can be installed apart from the Antivirus you have.

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