MAC Changer v1.1

MAC Changer is a free tool that can be used to change or spoof MAC Addresses instantly.

The Source code of the tool is also available, which is written in Python and can be further used. This tool is licensed under GNU, General Public License v3.0. Make sure you read the license before using its source code.

MAC Changer supports Linux/Debian Platform only.

How to use:

  • Convert the into the executable.
    • chmod 755
  • Run
    • ./
  • Convert the file (mac_changer) into the executable by typing the command in the terminal:
    • chmod u+x mac_changer
  • Run the installer
    • ./mac_changer

Available Arguments:

  • -h or --help: Displays all the available options.
  • -i or --interface: This option needs to be used as to define for which interface you want to change the MAC address. Example: ./mac_changer -i <interface_name>
  • -m or --mac: Optional. Can be used to specify a MAC Address. Example: ./mac_changer -i <interface_name> -m <mac>
If -m or --mac option is not defined, the program will use Random MAC Address Generation Algorithm.
Random MAC Address Generation Algorithm will always generate a uni-cast mac address.
Check the Video at the bottom, for the full tutorial on How to Use it.

Colour Significance:

  • Green: Successful.
  • Yellow: In process.
  • White: MAC Address.
  • Red: Unsuccessful or Errors.

To Download the tool, Click here:

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If you encounter an error while using the tool. Download the file and run it via the terminal with this command: /

Video Tutorial 


We hope this helps. If any suggestions or doubts you can add a comment and we will reply as soon as possible.

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