Create Temporary Emails and Phone Numbers

Emails service are a useful service. But when we sign up for any website, where a service requires an email address for registration that we don’t trust or don’t plan to use for a longer period. In that case, you can use these temporary email services. These email services are useful, you can create a temporary mail id or phone number with one click and with no worries to get spammed.

Create Temporary Emails

  • Visit Moakt
  • Enter your mail name.

    • Select any domain from the given options.
    • Click on Get a Random Address.

    • This address is live for 60 minutes by default, but you have the option to extend it. Just click on Extent under the timers. It will reset the timer to 60 minutes again.

    Some of the alternative Temporary Email Server:

    Some of the Temporary Phone Number Services:

    Warning: You do not have control over the numbers or messages. This means that others may stumble upon the verification SMS which they may use in turn to hijack the account. Even if deletion would be possible — it is not — it could still mean that others try to use the same phone number to sign up for the same service which will inform them about the existing account as well. Can be used to recover and access the account.
    We hope this helps. If any suggestions or doubts you can add a comment and we will reply as soon as possible.

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