Extraction of Metadata

Metadata is a very useful type of data that gives specific information like OS version, Application used, etc. So, metadata is a goldmine for cybercriminals as it can help tailor attacks for individuals and helps in targeted phishing.

Metadata can be extracted quite easily using various tools available in both online and offline formats.

  • ExifTool: It is a command-line tool that can be used for reading, writing, and editing meta information in a wide variety of files, the basic usage is for eg. ExifTool path/to/file. 
  • jEXIFToolGUI: It is a user interface version of the above ExifTool and can be accessed easily by navigating through the software.
  • Exifinfo.org: This is an online application that helps to extract the metadata from the specified files. It just requires dragging and dropping the concerned files and viewing their metadata.
  • Metadata2Go: Another online platform for viewing the EXIF info of files.
  • Metadata Extraction Tool: This helps automatically extract metadata and output data in XML format. Download and extract the ZIP file. To run, double-click metadata.bat.
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